NYC share who they admire and more on “Ousama no Brunch”

26 Okt

all the text is taken from Tokyohive


Johnny Entertainment’s group NYC was on Ousama no Brunch this week with a short interview about their new single, “Yoku asobi, Yoko Manabe”, and their senpais.

The hosts ask them about what kind of song their new single is, and Yamada answers that it’s just as the title says. “There’s a lot of playing, but in the middle of all that, there’s also a lot of studying. The lyrics have a deep meaning.” Nakayama then continues, “It’s really catchy and easy to remember.”

After that, they ask the boys how their first trip to NYC, was and they explain that they were scared the first day and were already homesick. It was because it was an unfamiliar place that they slept together in the same room, even though they each had separate rooms.

The last segment talks about, out of all the Johnny’s senpais, who they would like hang out with and who they admire.

Chinen said that him and Yuichi Nakamura (KAT-TUN) hang out sometimes, and they play online games. Yamada said Kazuya Kamenashi (a.k.a Kame; KAT-TUN) because when he was 12 years-old, Kame promised him that when he is 18 they would go on a drive. That was promised 5 years ago, and back then Kame told Yamada it wasn’t possible to hang out (due to age difference). Nakayama wants to hang out with Matchy-san, they’ve never hung out, but he still likes him a lot and wishes they could hang out.

About who in Johnny’s have they studied under, Chinen said it’s Ohno (Arashi). It’s not that he just admires him, but he’s also a huge fan of Ohno. Yamada explained at that time they had a moment of “mutual relationship” in that, they each had a seal of each other’s faces on their cell phones. Yamada said he studies under Koichi (KinKi Kids). It was when he first entered Johnny’s and saw Koichi’s play, “SHOCK” that his presence made an impact on him, among other things. The host says that Yamada has the same aura as Koichi too. Last not least, Nakayma, he studies under Yuu Yokoyama (Kanjani 8). While they don’t say why he studies under him, he tells the host that Chinen and Yamada call him a “fake Kansai person”, but that he’s real. Chinen say’s his Japanese is only an 1/8 of the standard language anyways, and he’s furthermore settling into the Kansai way of things. Even so, Nakayama says he’s the “uninteresting /not funny Kansai-type [of person],” and that “it’s so sad.”

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